Year 28 Playlist

28 favorite memories (no particular order):

  1. Seeing my son for the first time.
  2. Tying the knot with Elle, July 2014.
  3. Vancouver, May 2013 with the wife and (first) kid. Riding the Sea-Wall with Sawyer at the front.
  4. Summer 2013. No job, graduated college, spent the ENTIRE summer with Sawyer. Early afternoon naps spent with him.
  5. Summer 2009, dating Elle and nights on the Dayrit house back yard deck.
  6. Seeing a self-developed roll for the first time.
  7. Seeing a darkroom print appear before my eyes for the first time.
  8. Wandering downtown while listening to music as a teenager.
  9. Seeing DBS: Broly in theatre for the first time… And then the other following 3 screenings.
  10. Penticton and Panorama vacations with family friends.
  11. Late night talks/sleep overs with Vernon
  12. Friday night practices at the Heritage YMCA
  13. Puking on Lance’s hand after a rough night.
  14. Late night bike rides prior to fatherhood
  15. Listening to Sawyer coo before falling asleep.
  16. Hearing Chet Baker & Paul Desmonds rendition of ‘Autumn Leaves’ for the first time.
  17. Finally mastering 2-wheel bike riding (age 6)
  18. Exploring the back yard field of 622 Queensland Place, catching honey bees and spiders. Before the field got turned into a condo building.
  19. Playing hide & go seek in the dark w/ cousins and playing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.
  20.  Christmas of 2002, got the JSRF/Sega GT 2002 Xbox bundle.
  21. Summer in Vancouver, 1998. Watching Hercules on VHS, Pokemon… Playing with Hot Wheels. Grounders on the playground.
  22. Summer in Vancouver, 2008. Met new friends, felt a sense of independence, smoked weed for the first time before the HSBC fireworks.
  23. Edmonton/Drumheller trip with Elle, Sawyer, Felix, Alex, Adrian.
  24. British Columbia trip with Serelito, Mary-Anne, Vernon, Celeste, Richard. 200…6?
  25. Last night in Vancouver + Greyhound ride with the crew, March 2008.
  26. Shit talking and all day video game sessions at Eli’s house.
  27. Receiving a GameBoy Color from Mom + Dad in 98.
  28. (Reserved for today).
August, 2015


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