social media break

I’ve taken a break off of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and – to some extent – Reddit.

Using social media hasn’t halted the way I photograph nor has it hindered or helped with the daily practice of doing it. Instagram has been a great vehicle for viewing photography and discovering photographers. However, I find that it’s become a strange rat race to post a new photo that I think is successful or a #throwback post of my ‘greatest-hits’ before the algorithm sends my feed into the abyss. Although Instagram has stripped the ability for other users to view your ‘likes’, I’m still able to view it. I’m not sure why – though it’s most likely my psychology or insecurity – but that makes me anxious.

So now, I’ve deactivated my accounts. IG was probably the best of all evils, Facebook had nothing of value and estranged family members trying to contact me in the middle of the night, Twitter is a great source for breaking news but I’ve found myself using it as a list for petty ranting. Reddit has it’s share of assholes and trolls when trying to discuss politics and racial issues – and that sort of engagement was the most exhausting. It’s been a few days now and I feel better about myself and the world. Like I mentioned before, the way I photograph hasn’t changed except for the fact that I’ve been more inclined to use my Leica M4-P and shoot film… So the process after the act of photographing has been delayed a bit more since I don’t have the immediate feedback of digital tech.

Since then, here’s what I’ve discovered about myself and my photography in regards to taking a break from social media:

  • Assholes you find on the internet are probably nice (or for the most part, shy) in person.
  • Vice versa of the above.
  • Productivity doesn’t change. In fact, the ‘wasted’ time is spent on other enjoyable activities such as spending time with loved ones or reading/looking at photo books.
  • True gratification comes from the process, not from the result. The following is superficial.
  • Like most things, social media should be used but not abused. Paraphrased – too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Until next time.



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