photographic problems: ‘location’

From a reply I was going to make to a member of a little group I’m in. Deleted this paragraph because it was irrelevant to our conversation. Decided to post it here for keepsakes and to reflect on later down the road.


As much as I hate to say it, I think it also comes down to where you’re located too… A lot of locations are limiting to what you’re able to do, even when you want to get a certain look. In Calgary, I can try to make the pictures look like they were taken on 5th ave in NYC or Martin Place in Sydney or force a complex Cuba/Haiti composition. But because Calgary isn’t those places, and it doesn’t have as many people, or as good of light/environment to compliment the light, or is too open, I’m stuck with having to deal these ‘photographic problems’… Luckily I’ve found certain events/times of the year/locations to try and emulate these styles and sort of ‘expand my photographic technique’ but it’s sort of a catch-22 in the sense that I haven’t figured out a constant aesthetic I can shoot all year that doesn’t rely on such events/times, that I can enjoy.

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