10 Incredibly Important Tips to Master Street Photography that 30+ year streettogs won’t reveal!!

1) Buy a Leica, make sure you tape that shit up too! Don’t forget to strap it on your snazzy, shiny, gold plated, jewel crested STEALTH STRAP.

Also, spend the $3-5k on an MP/MA and just use the remaining $80 on cheap Russian screw mount lenses.

2) Use film – digital is a waste of pictures and your exposures of strangers (you may not know or care about) recorded on emulsion won’t be!

3) Three words and 1 man:





Woops, that’s actually four words and 2 men I think?

4)  Find a wall that’s colourful as fuck, and make sure there’s some ‘street art’ to make it more street authentic. Then wait for that decisive moment™ when an old lady (who happens to be wearing funny, bright clothes and who happens to also be a street performer AND who also happens to be homeless) walks dead centre into the frame mid stride. That was a totally decisive moment ™ of raw emotion and aesthetic complexity… Totally not a cliché IMO 👌🏽.

5) Use a 200mm lens, stand a block or two away…Maybe 3 even… 4 blocks is pushing to be a little too far. Make sure you have a off camera flash that can light up a football stadium… Pretty sure that’s how Gilden did it.

6) Wear all black, you’ll look like an artist and you’ll have enough of a low profile to not stand out… But make sure to have your brassed-out, Silver Leica MP/MA strapped to your snazzy, shiny, gold plated, jewel crested STEALTH STRAP at the ready.

7) Watch this video, and dedicate your life to this practice:

8) Don’t be afraid to ask permission… While you’re at it, ask if they can take you out for lunch or if they want to engage in a fencing match.

9) Hip shot as much as you can. But stare deeply into your subjects eyes. Give them that Charles Manson vibe… But hey make sure they’re making eye contact with you!.. We don’t want them staring into the camera, or else it’ll ruin the moment! That is – if you managed to frame properly using your hip.
10) Join every online street photography community you can think of and find anything of value in regards to technique. Put aside any time for shooting if needed… You don’t need to practice to figure it out! Just learn it all from online masters!


/sarcasm tag just incase it’s taken seriously

2 thoughts on “10 Incredibly Important Tips to Master Street Photography that 30+ year streettogs won’t reveal!!”

  1. Some very good advice.
    I also photograph while my camera is extended from my right hand below my hip. I wrap the camera strap tightly around my wrist. I set my lens, a 16-300mm Tamron to 16mm and the camera to aperture priority, continuous shutter, 600 ISO (to reduce blur), evaluative metering, auto white balance and AI Servo. I also use back button focus. I keep my thumb on the AF button to allow the camera to adjust to moving subjects as the AI Servo makes focus adjustments while pressing the shutter button. I shoot only RAW so I can adjust white balance in post-processing.


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