The start of something… Maybe.


I’ve spent about 10 minutes trying to write up an intro to this blog. Ended up deleting it. Who knows, maybe this page will be short lived as well.

For those of you who know me, I have a Tumblr (

I never did like using it, or the platform for that matter. I’ve always thought the idea was based on some popularity contest bullshit. Something along the lines of:

1) Post bullshit meme/photo that isn’t yours.

2) Wait and reap the likes/re-blogs that feeds the possibility of more shit-posts.

3) Sit back. Enjoy. Profit.

It’s weird, really. The idea of re-blogs and Tumblr culture (edit: 10:15am, now I just found out ever WP uses the same re-blog and like features. Yikes. At least I like the interface more).

There used to be a time when blogs were personal, insightful, worth looking at.

Maybe I was just following the wrong people… Or maybe I was looking at crap I thought was personal, insightful and worth looking at (most possible reason).

Hopefully I can bring something new to the table, something worthwhile in this sea of whatever crap is on the web… For myself, of course. Not for any past/present/future readers.

I’ll end it off here, I need to get back to work.



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